How to Celebrate a Corporate Anniversary

You wouldn’t want to forget your wedding anniversary, so why sweep your company’s under the carpet? Company anniversaries can provide a great way to communicate with clients, prospective customers, and employees.

In light for Financial Comfort's 20 years in business, here are some things you can do to celebrate your business as well!

  1. Design an anniversary logo. Use it on stationery, business cards, email signature, and website.
  2.  Make an anniversary specialty item like pens, mugs, or tee shirts.
  3. Announce the occasion on social media such as FaceBook and Twitter.
  4. Send an anniversary email announcement.
  5. Design a commemorative sign or plaque.
  6. Have an office party or picnic with cake for employees.
  7. Hold an open house for clients and staff.
  8. Create a brochure highlighting your company’s history
  9. Have a sale or contest associated with the anniversary as a way of letting your customers participate.
  10. Create a landing page for your website showcasing the anniversary.
  11. Send a thank you note inside an anniversary card.
  12. Make a donation to a local charity.

Celebrating your company’s milestone doesn’t have to be a burden or cost a lot. With a bit of creativity, you can use the anniversary to share your story and thank the people who helped get your business where it is today.

Regina Iulo (EJB)