We’re in the Spotlight – A Passion for Accounting

For an inside view on a passion for accounting, check out this link about our founder, Regina Lian Iulo. Pace University Alumni Connection

At Financial Comfort, we are passionate about accounting. We’re not kidding – of course we can be passionate about accounting – it is challenging and very engaging.

Each business is unique, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. When we initially engage a client, we immerse ourselves to learn their operations and create or enhance accounting processes. As businesses evolve, it is important that accounting processes move along with the evolution. In addition, accounting rules change over the years and that also requires updating internal processes and controls at the very least for compliance. We are often called in to assist in businesses that haven’t reviewed their processes in years.

In accounting, we work as a team with client management and staff. We navigate a maze of numbers and do our best to put order to it.

Though we never know what each day will bring, we do know that others depend on us. And that makes us feel involved, and in turn committedand dedicated to our work.