‘Tis the season for nonprofit donations: Importing QuickBooks Transactions with Transaction Pro Importer

As we near 12/31, many of the nonprofit clients we support see a dramatic spike in donations. (Of course, that’s because taxpayers want to get in deductible contributions before year-end.) We recommend Transaction Pro Importer as a key productivity tool to integrate donation detail with your accounting software. This tool also works well for “for-profit” businesses.


The Transaction Pro Importer software is available in both a desktop version as well as an App that integrates with QuickBooks Online accounting software.

What can you import? Transactions that you can import include invoices, sales receipts, bills, bill payments, estimates, payment receipts, journal entries and time activities. Some software, for example, QuickBooks, provides ways to import certain lists. Transaction Pro Importer offers the ability to import Item and Vendor lists. Also built into many accounting software applications is the ability to import bank transactions – checks and credit card charges. You can import these transactions also using Transaction Pro Importer.

The first step – most important – is to make a backup copy of your file! You cannot reverse imports, no matter what tool or method you are using. Make a backup copy before importing, so that if you find that something didn’t work right you can always go back to the file before you imported.

Charlie Russell, a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and software authority at Sleeter.com has some in-depth instructions in this Sleeter Blog Transaction Pro Importer review.

Check out this valuable tool and let us know what you think.