Budget to Earn, Earn, Earn!

You haven’t budgeted for 2012 yet? January is over. Get started now.

Tip for Success

Focus on Income. Though, yes, we will plan expenses, I encourage you to shift your mindset to earning income. Think about how much we focus on spending and consuming. Our culture focuses far too much on outflow. Instead, move your mental energy to enthusiastically earning income.

Seven minus six = one (7 – 6 = 1)

If you can handle basic math, you can successfully create a budget. No excuses. It’s not complicated; it’s simple.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of creating a budget, remember this – an Income budget is the relationship between Income and Expense. The relationship we want is: Income exceeds Expense. Though the concept is simple; most people will admit it is a challenge to achieve.

Commit to this goal

“Over the long-term, I will enthusiastically earn so that my income will exceed my expenses.”

This is the first of a series. Upcoming posts:

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