Scanner, Meter, Storage, Oh My!…Why Not Give These a Try?

Small Changes that can Improve your Business

There are numerous resources available to help you grow and run a healthy small business— and no, I am not talking about computers, printers, and fax machines, etc. Other electronic devices, software, and online websites offer products or services that can help make managing your business easier.

  • Check scanner—saves you a trip to the bank by allowing checks to be scanned and deposited from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Utilizing software to the fullest potential— for example, if your business useMicrosoft® Outlook for email there is also a calendar that can keep track of
    all your appointments and activities (as well as link to other employees calendars, to see what everyone else is up to), store contact information, and store your task list. And Outlooks is used with the same ease as many other Microsoft ® Office products.
  • Digital postage meter— stop running to the post office when you have to send a letter. Besides you never know whose call you will be missing while you are away.
  • Credit card machine/service—many people enjoy the ease of pulling out a credit card to make a purchase. Don’t let a sale slip by because you are not prepared.
  • Online storage—there are numerous free storage websites that can house your most important documents, for instance Google mail or Dropbox.
  • LogMeIn—allows you to log into your computer, remotely, through the internet. So, no big deal if you forgot your flash drive, you can still make that presentation to your investors.

Even though some of these may require a small fee, the benefits of using these resources will easily outweigh any costs. The amount of time you can save by not having to stand in line at the bank or post office, or the security you will feel by knowing your important information is secure is irreplaceable.

Another simple way to save money is to follow a trend—ever heard of Going Green? Reduce your carbon footprint and go paperless. This will save you costs on paper, ink, and electricity. And no need to worry, all your valuable information will be safely stored in your newly acquired online storage account!